Mountain Bible Church – May 21, 2011

I suppose you could call this the “End-of-the-World” concert, but it was really scheduled to benefit missions and economic relief projects. Performers included Lukas Brokenbrough, James Jurado, John Haak and me. We played an assortment of songs, some gospel, some not. It was a fun evening.

John Haak
1. Little GTO (Beach Boys)
2. Will You Love Me Tomorrow (Carole King)
3. Can’t Help Falling in Love (Elvis)

John’s old guitar was stolen some weeks back. He bought a brand new Taylor, which we “dedicated” tonight by enjoying a few covers.

Lukas Brockenbrough with Mark Adams
1. You Never Let Go
2. Trees of the Field

James Jurado
1. Desperado (The Eagles)
2. Live in Me — original song by James Jurado

Mark Adams
1. Jesus is the Way
2. Do Not Destroy
3. Caesar’s Lament
4. A Day of Peace
5. A Dream Within a Dream
6. L’Envoi
7. Holy One (Lamb of God)
8. Let Us Walk

Lukas Brockenbrough, James Jurado and Mark Adams
1. You Never Let Go

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