Open mic – Poor House Bistro, 1/20/2020

For MLK Day: Pride (In the Name of Love), by U2 MLK, by U2 Both songs are featured on U2’s fourth studio album, The Unforgettable Fire, which was released in 1984.

Open mic – Poor House Bistro, 1/13/2020

From Three Stories and Ten Poems, some arrangements: 1. Corona (Mitraigliatrice), by Ernest Hemingway 2. Captives, by Ernest Hemingway 3. Old Soldiers Never Do Die Well (Champs D’Honneur), by Ernest Hemingway 4. Chapter Heading, by Ernest Hemingway NB: Original titles in parenthesis.

Open mic — The Ugly Mug (24), March 22, 2011

I debuted three new works at The Ugly Mug in Soquel, California, arrangements of poems that I have been working on lately. 1. A Dream Within a Dream, by Edgar Allen Poe 2. L’Envoi, by Edwin Arlington Robison 3. The Helping Hand, by Edgar Lee Masters