Open Mic

The Ugly Mug (open mic) – November 15, 2021

First open mic in nearly two years. I debuted the following:

1. “The Answer” (1915), by Sara Teasdale
2. “Leaves” (1915), by Sara Teasdale

Sara Teasdale contributed three poems to Poetry, A Magazine of Verse, in 1915, including the two selections above and “Morning.” These were subsequently published in Rivers to the Sea, also published in 1915.

My 34th open mic appearance at The Ugly Mug.

Poor House Bistro (open mic) – January 13, 2020

From Three Stories and Ten Poems, some arrangements:

1. Corona (Mitraigliatrice), by Ernest Hemingway
2. Captives, by Ernest Hemingway
3. Old Soldiers Never Do Die Well (Champs D’Honneur), by Ernest Hemingway
4. Chapter Heading, by Ernest Hemingway

NB: Original titles in parenthesis.