Agabus (agab.us) is a musical blog, chronicling my journey as a songwriter. It began shortly after I learned to play guitar. I was wondering what it was like to compose a song, and so I simply began strumming and singing. A song was born. It was a simple song to be sure, rather unsophisticated, but it expressed what I was feeling and what I wanted to say. And so I write. And I sing. Songwriter.

As I write this, Agabus is a simple site, consisting mainly of a list of shows (open mics and performances) that I’ve played in over the years. I doubt anyone will find this part of the site interesting, and I keep such a record mainly for me. Each listing is a memory, a recollection of a moment. The list marks when a song began, and how I’ve developed over the years.

This site is certainly “under construction.” But so it begins…

Mark (Agabus) Adams
netadams @ gmail

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