Open mic – Poor House Bistro, 1/20/2020

For MLK Day: Pride (In the Name of Love), by U2 MLK, by U2 Both songs are featured on U2’s fourth studio album, The Unforgettable Fire, which was released in 1984.

Open mic – Poor House Bistro, 1/13/2020

From Three Stories and Ten Poems, some arrangements: 1. Corona (Mitraigliatrice), by Ernest Hemingway 2. Captives, by Ernest Hemingway 3. Old Soldiers Never Do Die Well (Champs D’Honneur), by Ernest Hemingway 4. Chapter Heading, by Ernest Hemingway NB: Original titles in parenthesis.

“The Old Year Now Away Has Fled”

Set to the tune of Greensleeves, “The Old Year Now Away Is Fled” dates to as early as 1642. It was a common practice, then, to set new lyrics to familiar melodies, and Greensleeves, which dates to the 1500s, was a popular melody. The version I present retains the chord structure of the tune, but […]

Mountain Bible Church — June 21, 2015

I performed an original song, inspired by the story of the prodigal son, after a sermon I preached on June 21, 2015. My text was Luke 15:1-32. 1. Highways Heading Home The sermon and song were recorded, but the mix is fairly raw.

Open mic — The Ugly Mug (24), March 22, 2011

I debuted three new works at The Ugly Mug in Soquel, California, arrangements of poems that I have been working on lately. 1. A Dream Within a Dream, by Edgar Allen Poe 2. L’Envoi, by Edwin Arlington Robison 3. The Helping Hand, by Edgar Lee Masters

Sixth Frederick All-County Orchestra Festival — May 1981

 My first instrument was the violin, which I took up in the 5th grade. My first performance was that same year. I played through middle and high school, but only casually afterwards. If you played at the Sixth Frederick All-County Orchestra in 1981, please email. You can download the mp3 here. Photos: