Tag: Johnny Cash

  • Mountain Bible Church – April 19, 2015

    Performed one song, written by Johnny Cash. 1. Redemption (Cash) I regard this song as one of Cash’s finest recordings. I first heard it, watching this broadcast from a Billy Graham crusade. © 2015 – 2021, Mark R. Adams. All rights reserved.

  • Rock on the Mount – May 26, 2007

    Rock on the Mount was an annual festival that supported various non-profit organizations. The inaugural event featured artists mostly performing for the first time. It was a small intimate affair. Over the years, Rock in the Mount would grow steadily. I began writing music in 2006, so this was my musical debut. Folsom Prison Blues…

  • Easter Sunrise Service – April 15, 2001

    This may have been the first shared service of Mountain Bible Church and Christ Child Catholic Church, a tradition that continued until the days of Covid. I sang Johnny Cash’s Redemption. At the time, I did not play guitar, so Don Strand accompanied me. Later, I would learn the song on guitar. In 2012, I…

  • International Night at James Lick High School – March 11, 2001

    Covering Johnny Cash: 1. Folsom Prison Blues 2. Belshazzar I also sang with Mr. Herring, covering a couple of Dylan tunes. If I recall correctly we sang The Times Are A’Changin’ and one other song. © 2001 – 2021, Mark R. Adams. All rights reserved.