Jared Wilson

The Ugly Mug – April 15, 2011

Mark Adams, first set –
1. On & On and Everywhere
2. Song to Myself
3. Fortress
4. I For You
5. Behind Blue Eyes (The Who)
6. Walking Too Close to the Edge
7. Heart of Gold (arrangement)
8. A Dream Within a Dream, by Edgar Allan Poe
9. L’Envoi, by Edwin Arlington Robison
10. All Along the Watchtower (Dylan)
11. The Helping Hand, by Edgar Lee Masters

Jared Wilson, set –
1. Hotel California (The Eagles)
2. Dreaming Eyes
3. Crooked Jack (Seven Nations)
4. Tears in Heaven, instrumental (Clapton)
5. Big Rock Candy Mountain (McClintock)
6. Foolish Games

Mark Adams, second set –
1. Rain in my Heart, by Edgar Lee Masters
2. I Need You
3. Blowin’ in the Wind (Dylan)
4. Caesar’s Lament
5. Woman Walks Alone
6. A Little Romance

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Mountain Bible Church – January 29, 2011

It was great seeing everyone come by Saturday night for the Gospel Days show. Jared Wilson opened and later played a couple of songs with me. I’ve got video of the event, need to make an appointment with the geniuses at the Apple store to figure out how to transfer it to my computer. I’ll post songs to YouTube soon. Special thanks to Lee Kalem, who set up the sound and played a few numbers with me.

Here are the setlists:

Jared Wilson
1. Foolish Games
2. Salvation is Here
3. Dreaming Eyes

4. Daughters (John Mayer cover)

Gospel Days, also featuring Lee Kalem and Jared Wilson

1. Jesus is the Way
2. A Voice in the Wilderness
3. Till He Comes Around
4. Highways Heading Home
5. Walking Too Close to the Edge — with Lee Kalem
6. Heart of Gold (arrangement of Greensleeves, traditional lyrics) — with Lee Kalem
7. Holy One (Lamb of God) — with Lee Kalem

(Jared Wilson performs Daughters)

8. Grace of God — with Jared Wilson
9. Peacemakers — with Jared Wilson

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Rock on the Mount – May 15, 2010

This was the last of the Rock on the Mount concerts. The first was in 2007 with a lineup of freshman acts. The second was in 2008, featuring J.J. Heller. The final two were headlined by the Christian-grunge act Johannes. The largest was the last of the series, which served also as a fundraiser for a well project in Africa.

Solo set:

1. Holy One (Lamb of God)

Underground Apocalypse set:

1. Intro: “I love the smell of napalm in the morning…”
2. All Along the Watchtower/The Lord’s Prayer
3. Do Not Destroy
4. John the Baptist
5. Peacemakers
6. Lord, Take My Hand
7. Lord Jesus Christ

With Michael Gardner and Zander Smead.

Also performing was Seeking Savior with Jared Wilson:

1. Salvation is Here
2. Back to You
3. Well of Life
4. Grace Like Rain
5. Lifesong
6. Blessed Be Your name
7. Salvation is Here (encore)

Other images:

Johannes, fronted by Joey Johnson.

Raised Threshold

Stephen Abbas and Michael Gardner, comedy act.

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