Easter Sunrise Service – April 15, 2001

This may have been the first shared service of Mountain Bible Church and Christ Child Catholic Church, a tradition that continued until the days of Covid. I sang Johnny Cash’s Redemption. At the time, I did not play guitar, so Don Strand accompanied me. Later, I would learn the song on guitar.

In 2012, I recorded a version in Central African Republic:

Sixth Frederick All-County Orchestra Festival — May 1981

My first instrument was the violin, which I took up in the 5th grade, and my first performance was that same year. If you played at the Sixth Frederick All-County Orchestra in 1981, please email. You can download the mp3 here.


When we moved back to California, I played in the orchestra at Black Mountain Middle School. I’m in the first violin section, third chair.

At Black Mountain Middle School, in my second year of violin.